Our History


Akokwa is a small town in the Ideato-North Local Government Area within Imo State, Nigeria.

The town’s population, of roughly 30,000, primarily comprises of Igbos (which is also the name of the native language) and include other ethnic groups like Hausas and Yorubas. Although English is the official language in Nigeria, there are over 300 distinct indigenous languages. Akokwa, as well as the entire country of Nigeria, house a wealth of natural resources; however, poor economic policy and political instability have significantly stifled growth in the region. An area of focus that has been paramount to the people of Akokwa is education.

The country’s constitution made primary education the responsibility of State and local governments, yet students are still required to purchase books, uniforms and pay for miscellaneous expenses which is an impossibility for thousands of impoverished families. Compelled by this overwhelming need, Akokwa American Development Association, Inc. (AADA) was founded in 1989 by members of the Akokwa community who migrated to the United States between the 1960s and 1970s. AADA recognized that the nation’s brilliance and ability to prosper is directly dependent upon the education of its people.